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About Us


Our Promise

The Radiant Trust is an independent fundraising organisation based in London. We assist human rights-centred organisations around the world raise the funds they need to achieve their goals.

We know that working in the sector of human rights can be costly and time-consuming. In some countries, it can be dangerous and difficult to raise the funds you need to make positive change.

We offer fundraising support so you can continue doing the work you do best. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to live in a world where all perpetrators of human rights violations and wanton environmental damage are brought to justice, where victims can find peace in genuine justice, and where discrimination and prejudice have no place. 

Our vision is shared by many around the world, and we want to serve as a facilitator of transformative work with these visionaries, whether they are working on the ground or contributing through philanthropic efforts.  


Our Priorities

In a world where injustice and impunity are commonplace, and the rampant destruction of the environment endangers our future, we are committed to supporting principled human rights organisations raise funds towards actions that will bring tangible positive change.

These actions can include litigation, robust reporting at the ground level and media outreach to ensure the narratives of survivors of abuse find space in both public and governmental realms.

We support and facilitate funding collaborations between organisations around the world who are aligned with our promise, and who appeal to the values of our donor community.

However, we generally seek organisations that challenge structural inequity and discrimination, who campaign for communities and individuals to live in dignity, and initiatives committed to bringing to justice the most destructive agents of climate change. 

We believe that effective human rights campaigning and advocacy can lead to enduring change for the better, for all of us. We’d to help you raise the funds to start the process wherever you are.

The Radiant Trust is an independent grant-making body. We make a difference in human rights work across the world – from community empowerment to international advocacy.


107 Cheapside,

London, EC2V 6DN

UK Registered Charity 1131073

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