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The Radiant Trust has awarded a project grant to fund Nomos International for its Syria Report. The report will be Nomos’ first flagship product detailing the human rights violations taking place against Syria’s civilian population by its government. Moreover, Nomos acknowledges in this report that all parties to the conflict are breaching International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law and puts forward recommendations for various groups.

Nomos International is a UK based advocacy group focused on human rights violations. Its broad aims are: to end abuses in armed and non-armed conflict; to provide access to justice; and to protect against future abuse in warfare. Nomos will achieve its aims by researching abuses that occur and filing legal cases to seek justice for the victims of these abuses. As they file cases and seek redress for victims in court, they raise awareness of the human rights abuses using media, research and lobbying as well as grassroots mobilisation. Furthermore, Nomos works to hold perpetrators accountable to national and international authorities and public opinion.

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  • zafer
    Posted 28 October 2020 9:49 am 0Likes

    brilliant charity

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