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Support efforts to locate missing Uighur women

The Radiant Trust has joined forces with lawyers and activists across the globe to raise funds which will be allocated to locate the Uighurs who have gone missing and are being held in Chinese detention camps. This fund will be allocated to all Uighurs in this situation despite our focus on retelling the stories of the Uighur women.
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Current Funding Drive

Support efforts to locate missing Uighur women

Our current fundraising focus is to assist 30 Uighur Muslims whose mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters are being held in Chinese “re-education” camps under torturous conditions.

The funds are being raised particularly to assist them find women in their families who have been taken into the camps in East Turkestan, by the Chinese government.

An appeal for support from the Chinese Concentration Camp Victim’s Platform on Women’s Day, caught our attention. You can read it here.

When we followed this up, three family members came forward with great courage to launch an appeal with our assistance, which can be viewed here.

The funds will be used primarily to submit UN applications and other legal applications to place pressure on the UN to intervene in East Turkestan in line with international law and the protection of women and girls.

The funds will also be used to further raise awareness about these families’ experiences to provide them with basic support, assist to locate the missing through legal channels, as well as campaign assistance including media advocacy.

Please donate now. You can make a difference in women’s lives.

Mevlude Hilal

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